Modernize your TMS – Minimize Costs and Maximize Profitability

From order entry to receipt at the delivery location, there are over 400 data points collected when shipping a load. There are also many touchpoints between the broker, shipper, and trucker. Each exchange is critical for operational efficiency and profitability.

Data Managers developed an End-To-End Transportation Management System (TMS) that offers the broker a platform featuring intuitive data entry and recording of status changes. The system developers utilized MS Access on top of an MS SQL Server data store. Learn how DMI helped this freight broker grow.


Freight brokerage

Started with 4 employees and grew to 100.

Legacy Technology

Simple database solution


  • Increased visibility of loads
  • Easy data entry and reporting
  • Documented workflow for continuous operational improvement


The custom TMS included a load board that allows visibility to all loads for the day. The system also empowered the user to filter by 12 different criteria, providing critical operational insights. DMI developed a columnar layout that enhances visibility by giving the user the ability to see loads in all statuses simultaneously. In addition, DMI allowed for a dynamic column size where users could display or hide additional fields.

Exposing multiple indicators at the load level for showing timing issues, special customer needs, and other warnings provided actionable insights to users.

The system was built to be scalable and, at its onset, supported four users. It can now handle over 100 users.


DMI worked as a partner with the brokerage for nearly 15 years. Teamwork was one of the keys to this relationship. DMI built a scalable TMS, which evolved to meet the broker’s growth needs over time. The brokerage began with moving 20 – 50 loads a day to moving on average of around 350 a day.

DMI is a responsive technology partner, acting on a new idea within hours or days, not months. DMI developed EDI processes to allow for automatic order entry, status updates and invoicing. Additional features included heat map technology, marketing tools, and a robust reporting sub-system.

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