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Data Managers has been creating relationships with two goals in mind. Help your company grow and be a trusted partner.

We offer custom solutions aimed at improving your business processes and reducing workflow bottlenecks. Whether its shop floor information systems, logistics or ERP, let us get to know you. 


Most entrepreneurs don’t understand how powerful process can be, but when you apply it correctly it works like magic, resulting in simplicity, scalability, efficiency and profitability

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Our Team

We believe our team is great, but we’ll let you decide.

  • Steve Limer

    Steve Limer founded Data Managers in 1999. With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, logistics and a variety of industries, he brings a variety of skills to the team. He takes on the business analyst role as well as new business development. Languages include MS Access and SQL Server.

  • Tom Wallquist

    Tom Wallquist brings over 24 years of coding experience in a wide range of industries including banking, telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics. Platforms experience includes IBM mainframes, Linux, and of course Windows. His database experience includes MS Access, SQL Server, DB2 and MySQL.

  • Bipin Raj

    Bipin Raj is a software engineer with extensive experience and management skills. He has over 15 years of experience in manufacturing, logistics, and insurance verticals. He also has over 12 years of experience in developing and maintaining database marketing and digital marketing applications.

Our Services

  • Business Process Automation: document management, commission systems, or automated invoicing
  • Engineering or Workgroup Applications: quotation systems, engineering design tools, and time and billing or statement generators
  • TMS solutions: integration with several third-party tools such as PC Miler, DAT, tracking providers, and accounting
  • Rapid POC Development: thorough business analysis and robust MS SQL / Access stack
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  • Modules for all areas of your business: Quote to Invoice, Shipping and Inventory
  • Custom solutions for Pricing, Commissions and Work Orders
  • Shop Floor Information: Production / Scrap tracking
  • Third Party Integration
  • Experience in Manufacturing, Steel Brokerage and Distribution
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  • Bolt-on reporting systems: configurable and exportable
  • Data-cleansing and manipulation
  • Flat files, XML, Access, Excel
  • Stand-alone tools or integrated into our ERP and other solutions
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  • Over 10 years of experience in Logistics
  • Can be leveraged to other industries
  • Developed FTP transfer processes and data translation
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  • Quickbooks and MS Dynamics integration with customer and vendor information, invoice data, and payment details
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Case Studies

Beyond Quickbooks: The Next Logical Step for Small Businesses

ERP systems are becoming critical for small to mid-size manufacturers to meet customer demands. Data Managers, Inc. shares its approach to the transformative journey of a growing specialty manufacturer who builds custom part assemblies.

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Complex Data Structures Made Simple: High Value, Low Cost Platform

Finding the right software to help facilitate a complex sales process with multiple layers of data was next to impossible for this insurance company whose niche is managing risk for farmers’ seed and hog inventory. Learn how Data Managers addressed the complexities of this unique company.

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Modernize your TMS – Minimize Costs and Maximize Profitability

Logistics is a fast-paced industry and freight brokering is no exception. From order entry to receipt at the delivery location there are over 400 data points collected. Learn how DMI helped this freight broker grow.

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